FC2 PPV 3053873 – It is a young female rookie with poor performance

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FC2 PPV 3053873 Until the summer sale extension is 8/31![Featured product] 3500pt → 1200pt [2nd-Gonzo shoot] [Expose for a limited time for life] It is a young female rookie with poor performance.Former reader model with a slender and cheerful, a club at the club


FC2 PPV 3053873

“I will rescue people who are in trouble economically under favorable conditions that cannot be issued elsewhere, and will be responsible later.”
* I’m sorry for the introduction of the very vague content, but please understand the circumstances.

I was educating a young girl’s newcomer below and was educating, but I couldn’t get the performance at work because I was a very good daughter and could not attach it to the weakness of people, so I did the above -mentioned past work. The salary of the month I shot was about the tears of the sparrow.

Last month, I sold videos that I had taken by an actor I knew to have a bad business performance, but unfortunately I couldn’t achieve my goal this month, so I shot one new work. It was a flow to sell.

Please note that the sale will be discontinued as soon as she gets good results, such as a large collection or a new contract.

* Because the response of the video was good last month, I was shooting using a professional camera equipment like the [Series Series], but because it is a compensation video, the price is lower than in the [Last Masterpiece Series]. I can put it out. The area is also finished in a great videos, so please enjoy it for her life.

She is a slender and bright and good girl.